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How to Keep Employees Happy

How to keep employees happy and engaged? 4 tips for your company

Keeping employees happy is incredibly important for your company’s success. After all, happy and healthy teams are more engaged and more productive. Besides personal attention, a nice working atmosphere and organizing interesting events, there’s more you can do to increase the satisfaction of your staff. Ready for a rumble? 4 practical tips!

Tips to improve the satisfaction of your staff and HR team

The success of a company or organization also depends on the satisfaction of employees. People who are happy with their work or their workplace are more engaged, more flexible, and healthier. A win-win situation. Not only for your employees but also for your company. Here are 4 practical tips for improving satisfaction within your company.

1. Quick feedback on questions with an AI assistant

Does your HR team sometimes wait too long to answer employee questions because there’s too much work? Introducing an AI assistant via WhatsApp helps the HR team. AskRobin is an AI HR assistant that’s available at any time of the day and answers all questions.

Such as the number of days someone has been sick, why the payment is lower this month, or what important appointments an employee has missed during their absence. People get quick and effective answers, while the workload for the HR team is reduced.

2. Opportunities for growth and development

Maintaining or improving your employees’ satisfaction is also done by providing opportunities for growth and development. Think about attending workshops or clinics. Tailored to the branch or interest of the employee. This not only keeps people happy but also improves company loyalty and flexibility.

3. Engage in personal conversations

Nobody likes a standard conversation. Engage in personal conversations with employees or the HR team. This attention makes employees feel heard and appreciated. On the other hand, you will know what concerns there are on the work floor. If you use an AI assistant via WhatsApp, the HR team will have less work. This allows them to have more one-on-one conversations. Listening to your team in the workplace is incredibly important to keep people happy. Therefore, don’t just engage in conversations, but also use digital surveys to measure what your employees are happy about or which things could be better.

4. Be flexible

As an organization, it’s important to be flexible with your employees. This ensures a good work-life balance but also keeps people happier and more involved. Being flexible within an organization can be done in various ways. For example, by offering home working options or incorporating flexible working hours outside office hours.

What makes your employees happier?

You can keep your people on the floor engaged and happier with the tips above. Integrating an AI HR assistant via WhatsApp is a good first step. AskRobin always answers employee questions. During office hours, but also during the weekends. Book your demo today.