Your Digital Assistant for easy and swift hotel guest communication

askRobin always offers the perfect solution for your guests’ needs – 24/7

Fully integrated into WhatsApp, our Smart AI handles everything from

checking in to restaurant and spa reservations.

Reducing front desk workload, increasing upsells, and improving guest experiences with one single tool.
Guest Interactions Drain Time
Guest Interactions Drain Time

Avoid spending unnecessary manpower on guest requests or questions. Our AI efficiently manages these tasks, freeing up time for your staff team.

Quick And Easy
Quick And Easy

askRobin is fully integrated into WhatsApp, ensuring an effective way of communication for guests in a space they are familiar with – and it shows, with an open rate of 98%.

Instant Support
Instant Support

Guests want immediate responses and solutions to their needs. Our AI handles all these inquiries effortlessly, creating an optimal experience.

We help HR departments streamline operations and enhance employee engagement with AI-powered solutions for Human Resources.

We support hotels in optimizing operations and guest interactions.

With askRobin, you will maximize team productivity AND significantly improve the guest experience.

We are ready to assist you with a easy and easy onboarding process.

24/7 Multilingual Support:

With askRobin, you’ll never have to worry about translation. The auto-translating of messages bridges the language barrier between guests and staff your team.

Easy Guest Reservations:

Instead of guests booking a massage or dinner reservation manually, they can do so check in through WhatsApp, see the possibilities, and make a direct reservation.

Take Control Within Seconds:

Your Team will be notified instantly by the AI when human interaction is required. Staff can seamlessly jump into the WhatsApp chat and take control when needed.

Create Automated Messages:

Welcome your guests in advance, subtly promote your restaurant, provide them with information about your spa, etc. - You can set up all types of automatic messaging.

Completely Customizable:

askRobin can be tailored to match both the hotel’s and guest’s preferences for increased efficiency and personalized interactions.

Improve Guest Satisfaction:

Your guests will receive recommendations beforehand about making reservations for the day of arrival, ensuring a spot in a busy, fully booked restaurant, for example.


askRobin is the perfect tool to create upsells – guests can easily manage and create reservations within seconds. Our AI also offers additional services based on the guests’ needs and previous communications.

askRobin is fully integrated with your hotel’s data sources, allowing it to answer accurately and swiftly. Besides that, your guests will also enjoy proactive messaging from our AI, keeping them well-informed and supported throughout their stay.

Pricing Plan

Every plan we offer includes comprehensive, personalized onboarding assistance and dedicated support from real people.

$ 3

per room / per month

  • < 250 rooms
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$ 2

per room / per month

  • < 1,000 rooms
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$ 1

per room / per month

  • > 1,000 rooms
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Our goal is to make AI Smart Assistants available across hotels. We achieve this by creating a seamless guest experience from start to finish, allowing both your staff and guests to communicate and connect in a familiar environment: WhatsApp.

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