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Benefits AI-HR Assistant WhatsApp

The benefits of an AI HR assistant via WhatsApp for your business

Good communication is important. Especially if it can be done quickly, effectively and efficiently. We all know that it doesn’t always turn out this way. The workload is high and employees have to wait too long for answers. This results in a staff who’s less productive and involved. The HR team gets overloaded and there’s a lack of time for personal contact.

Because, besides answering questions about pay slips and holidays, other tasks need to be done as well. Good communication seems to become more and more of a problem. Don’t panic, because that’s where AskRobin comes in. This AI HR assistant helps your company automate Human Resources tasks and answers questions via WhatsApp. Sounds good? Here are some great benefits of the Ask Robin AI HR assistant for your company.

What is the AskRobin AI HR assistant?

AskRobin is an AI HR assistant via WhatsApp. Through the app, employees can ask a wide variety of questions. About their payment, what date the team building event is planned, or how many days off are left. And Robin? He answers them as fast as lightning. For this? Your employees don’t need to schedule an appointment with the HR team anymore.

The advantages of an AI HR assistant for your company

1. Questions answered anytime and anywhere

Whether in the middle of the night or during the weekend. An AI HR assistant via WhatsApp always provides answers, even outside office hours. Your staff or employees can ask urgent questions that can’t wait until Monday. Now that’s to the point!

2. Quick and efficient communication

We all know how communication via WhatsApp works. With the blink of an eye, your employees have the HR department at their fingertips. Within seconds, they have an answer to all of their questions. Planning a meeting or a video call? Just do it right now.

This fast and efficient communication also means that your company’s HR team is left with more time to carry out important tasks. Like maintaining personal contact with employees. The AI HR assistant answers the questions for them. Yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

3. Valuable insights

An AI assistant via WhatsApp can answer questions, but can also provide valuable insights on how and for what your company’s employees use the tool the most. With this measurability, the HR team can refine its services even more.

4. Always the right information

Your HR employees are also people and can make mistakes sometimes. That meeting on 22 April? Whoops, it turned out it was on 2 April after all. A WhatsApp HR assistant uses AI. The chance of passing on a wrong date or information is therefore almost nihil.

Automate your HR department with an assistant

Want to automate your company’s HR department with an AI assistant for Human Resources? Would you like to improve your employees’ productivity and satisfaction?  Prefer to see your HR team doing what matters for growth and success? Don’t wait any longer and book your demo with AskRobin today.