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Feeling Overwhelmed by HR Requests and Data Management?

You’re dedicated to supporting your team, but the administrative load can overshadow the human connections that truly matter. Our AI HR assistant is here to assist you.
Repetitive Tasks Drain Time:
Repetitive Tasks Drain Time:

Excessive time lost to repetitive HR tasks and communication delays destroy strategic company growth.

Engagement & Productivity Lags:
Engagement & Productivity Lags:

Slow response times from admin work lowers employee efficiency and impede innovation.

Communication Hurdles:
Communication Hurdles:

The company, managers, HR, and employees all suffer from slow communication, causing frustration and discontent in the workplace.

We help HR departments streamline operations and enhance employee engagement with AI-powered solutions for Human Resources.

Maximize Team Productivity with askRobin, the constantly evolving Smart HR Assistant

24/7 Multilingual Support:

Employees and HR can access instant, accurate information in any language on WhatsApp through the smart AI assistant at any time.

Efficient Task Management:

Simplify access to payroll and vacation information, streamlining administrative processes. Ideal for both managers and employees.

Managerial Flexibility:

Leverage personalized reminders and notifications to maintain efficient team operations and engagement thanks to this AI for HR.

Customizable Interactions:

Tailor askRobin’s avatar and tone to match your company culture or let employees personalize their experience for increased fun and engagement.

Enhanced Privacy:

askRobin ensures confidentiality and anonymity for sensitive requests and never trains on your data, protecting privacy at all costs.

Adaptive Policy Management:

Proactively identifies and addresses policy gaps, ensuring compliance and mitigating future issues.


askRobin instantly provides information through WhatsApp by fully integrating with your data sources and HR tools, streamlining access to information without the hassle of using multiple platforms.

Our goal is to democratize HR smart assistants across all organizations. We achieve this by streamlining the onboarding process, seamlessly integrating with your current systems and connecting with your users in their familiar environment: on WhatsApp.

Pricing Plan

Every plan includes comprehensive, personalized onboarding assistance and dedicated support from real people.


per user / per month

  • Up to 50 team members
  • Up to 50 documents
  • Sync documents from library
  • Payroll integration
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per user / per month

  • Includes Starter Plan
  • Up to 250 team members
  • Up to 150 documents
  • Holiday booking
  • Basic statistics
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Contact sales
  • Includes Pro Plan
  • Unlimited team members
  • Unlimited documents
  • Customization
  • Onboarding
  • Enhanced statistics
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askRobin is the ultimate AI Human Resources assistant for WhatsApp to transform your HR department. Never lose valuable time to repetitive HR tasks again.

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